Getting A Mortgage: 5 Steps For Ease And Success

Whether you are a potential home buyer, looking to find a home of your own, or an existing homeowner, who seeks better terms and/ or rate on your mortgage, it’s important to know a little more about the process of getting the best one, at the best terms. Since the vast majority of individuals use a Mortgage loan to pay for their house, I felt it might be helpful to review some things to consider. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine and consider 5 steps you might wish to consider following, to ensure this often – tense, stressful process and period, becomes somewhat easier and more successful.

1. Check, and fully review, your Credit Report: Especially in today’s atmosphere and environment, where there is so much Identity Theft, it’s smart to begin, by doing this. First, review the report for accuracy, etc. Then, look at the items, and report, the way the lending institution might. Begin, by looking at your debt – to – income ratio. The desirable maximum for this changes, periodically, but if you keep it to about one – third (maximum), you’ll probably be somewhat safe. Prepare about 3 months, or more, before you begin the process, and pay – down, your debt. Do not wait to the last – minute to do so. If you can do this, a year or more before, ir’s even better!

2. Repair: One of the primary reasons to begin Step One, as far in advance, as possible, is to give you the opportunity, to make any necessary repairs, and to enhance your credit rating, as much as possible. Be careful to avoid requesting or taking out any new credit during this period, because doing so, might harm or reduce your credit score!

3. Patiently wait after steps one and two: Optimally, waiting a year, will get you the best results, but you should always wait, at least 3 or more months, after you’ve made your repairs and/ or fixes,

4. Stay away from any credit offers, etc, during this period: That offer you get in a retail store, which will give you, immediately, an extra discount on your purchase, is not harmless, but, rather, might negatively impact your overall credit. Keep your eyes on the target!

5. Be prepared for the down payment: Most lenders will want to know where your down payment, and other funds, come from. At least 3 or more months in advance, place your probable down payment, in an account, you can clearly provide statements for, demonstrating your ownership.

A little bit of preparation and paying attention to some relevant details, will generally make the process go smoother and easier. If you really want and/ or need that mortgage, do all you can to be prepared!

If you are looking for a loan for your dream home, your next fix and flip real estate deal, or construction project, or even personal or business loan contact us for a no obligation loan estimate. We will be able to determine if we can offer you conventional financing or a private money loan based on your situation. Click here a quick quote or call or text (818) 308-5561 today!

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